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Invite to the launch of Peace Love and Brown Rice at Deus Ex Machina,
Sydney, Australia
Ken West, Sydney promoter of Big Day Out launches the book.
Me and Jeremy Gordon
Sydney State Library

Sydney State Library - talk and book signing
16th February 2006

photo credit: Nick Kreisler
clipping from the Sydney Morning Herald about the event
Readings Melbourne
February 2007
In store appearance by Tim Rogers
Interview by Rebecca McIntosh
photos by Ben Loveridge
Semi-Permanent 2007
Semi-Permanent: Pastspeakers
Semi-Permanent: Sophie Howarth

Date: 23 March 2010 11:16:55 AM
Subject: Thank You (Semi Permanent..07?)

Hey Sophie,

I was at semi-permanent again this year, and it reminded me of the talk you gave at sydneys semi permanent a few years ago.. 07? 08? 06?

Your talk, and your work, proved to be amazingly inspirational to me.

At the time I was a young student product designer, and I have recently graduated from my course, and despite being a finalist for the Australian Design Awards, have struggled to find employment in the product design field (or any design field really). Unfortunately a pretty standard story for design graduates.

During my last year at uni, I decided to finally cave to my yearnings of beginning photography seriously; splashing out and buying a camera and a few lenses, and began my journey of band photography inspired by, among other things, your work.

Since then I have been fortunate to obtain a running contract doing event photography for ticketing company Moshtix, and in January I was the resident photographer at Beck's Festival Bar as part of the Sydney Festival 2010.
And while I am a LONG way from securing photography as my day job / sole source of income, it has definately proven to be a potential career pathway, with more work slowly coming in (even in other aspects, like portraiture and beauty shots).

I just wanted to let you know that you've had an impact on my life.
So thank you, for being an inspiration to not only me but the many others like me.


Mike and Soph Show
Photo by Maclay Herriot
there were bums on all these seats! 2,500 people...
card I made for the event
another card, they were put on all the seats
McCann Erikson presentation
Newcastle Music Week 2008
Download Sophie's Newcastle Music Week Presentation pdf
Sydney Writer's Festival 2007