from Magazines

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“Anyone who has been granted the kind of access that photographer Sophie Howarth has had to the Big Day Out - Australia’s biggest touring rock festival since 1992- has got to have some good rock & roll stories. Naturally, Howarth doesn’t dissapoint.”
Rolling Stone Magazine
“Being the first book published on this Australian institution, it’s required coffee table reading for every self-respecting hoon.”
Monster Children Magazine
“If you’re a music fan and and all you money goes on CD’s, then this should be your one book purchase of the year!”
Dolly Magazine from BDO
“It’s hard to believe that the Big Day Out would be around long enough to justify a book like this; it’s wonderful that such innocence has made it onto these pages”
Ken West, Big Day Out Promoter
“Brown rice? – the best visual meal I’ve ever had!!! Sophie is the babe and talent with the clicker! Love xx”
The Grates

“I’m about to hug your eyes….
best show ever Sophie, X”
Tunde Adibempe,
Tv On The Radio

“To Sophie….from one eye to another XXXX”
Lee Ranaldo, Sonic Youth
“There's not enough of me in this book…”
Perko, Tex Perkins
"Sophie… the breath of fresh, sweet air. Yeah…you're the best. ”
Tim Rogers, You Am I
“OOOOH YEAAAAH!!!! Aaaah the good ol days!!”
Kevin Mitchell, Jebediah
“Sophie, you took the only photos where
my mom said I was handsome!”
Burke, Gerling
“Sophie, the Big Day Out wouldn’t be so big without you!”
Jabba, Channel V
“Sophie takes bueatiful photos, come see how good we look!”
Andrew Stockdale, Wolfmother
“This is the best book in the world!”
Phil Jameson, Grinspoon
“The Big Day Out will forever be tinted with nostalgia as the last summer I had as a teenager, and by far the best! – much love to all the friends I made there!”
Charlotte Hatherley, ASH
“Ahhhh, the Big Day Out….we’ll be bragging about it to our kids in twenty years.”
Yumi Stynes, Channel V
“Sophie-Sophie-Sophie….you really get to the heartbeat of the Big Day Out and capture what really happens…like when I snorted whiskey and it came out my eyes. ”
Darren Cross, Gerling
from emails
"Hi, Just want to say that it was a pleasure to meet you on Friday in Adelaide. I spent nearly 45 minutes taking in an absorbing all the photographs. Missed Wolfmother & Sarah Blasko, but it was worth it. It captures the event and what it's all about beautifully. ……Reading a book like yours offers plenty of inspiration and new ideas (not sucking up or anything :P)"
Alan 11th June 2006
"Hey Soph, How have things been? I love the book, it looks great."
Aaron Hayward..debaser 7th feb 2006
"Hello Sophie! My name is Ashleigh Little, i'm a 3rd year student studying Advanced Diploma Events and Entertainment Design at Enmores Design Institute. A design brief i have been given involes choosing a respected member of the entertainment industry that i personally admire and conducting a brief interview discusing thier career and passion. Through this course i have come to realise that my passion is in capturing the energy of live music in all forms (mainly through the lens). Your work inspires me greatly, Peace love and brown rice is to me a cultural bible!"
Ashleigh – 27th March 2006
"Hi Sophie! I am a year 12 photography student who is using your book as a bit of inpiration!"
Buffy Barber 15th May 2006
"Hey, i couldnt help hearing your guest playlist on triple j this morning i had a look at the pictures on your website and its kinda cool how your pictures evolved as you went on. "
csgoh 10th feb 2006
"Hi Sophie / Jeremy, Thanks for coming down to the show last night. Your book is amazing, congratulations on doing such a incredible job!"
Darryl SOULRIDERS-23rd February 2006
"hey sophie, great job on the book, i love it so much i`m gonna get another one... "
Joe Grinspoon – 17th February 2006

"Hi Sophie, My name is Kacey and I just HAD to write to you. I had seen your name in the corner of many photos and after seeing you had put an incredible collection together I felt so inspired. I would love to hear back from you, if you could give me a little advice on how to follow my dream....."
Sinclair – 9th February 2006

"Hi Sophie, I saw your book at Gertrude & Alice today as I stopped in for my morning coffee b4 a big day of massaging. I just wanted to let you know I think it looks really fabulous & beautifully original. Good 4 u...What an achievement! See you soon."
Lainie *u* 29th august 2006
"Hey Sophie.   I just wanted to drop you a line and say a massive congratulations on the publication of your book!! I was just reading about all the time and effort you put into it and am pretty damn excited to get my hands on a copy at Melbourne BDO tomorrow!  As an aspiring music photographer I love the fact that you've put out a book filled with gig shots. Its the one thing I've always wanted to do with my photos, so its encouraging to read and hear about such a successful one!! (Fingers crossed I might get my chance one day too.)"
Lauren Cass – 28th January 2006
"Hi there Not sure if this has been pointed out to you yet, but the list of venues for the 93 BDO in your book is wrong. The venue for the 93 Adelaide BDO is listed as the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds, but it was actually held at the University of Adelaide. I remember it well, ‘cause I was a wide-eyed 17 year old and the temperature was 43ºC. The Adelaide BDO was moved to the larger showground venue in 1994. I hope the book sells well so you get to do a reprint (and have an opportunity to correct the mistake). The rest of the book is great, by the way!"
Cheers Mark Scruby – 13th feb 2006
"Peta….stunning…….. hi my name is peta, im sure you served a million people yesterday,i cant even remember everyone i met. but i bought your book for my boyfriend towards the end of the night… well i just wanted to say that me and my boyfriend had a chance to have a good look since then and thought the book was amazing. the photos were really good, my boyfriend comminted that, that was the kind of art he would love to have hanging on his walls. so we just thought we would let you know as i am sure alot of hard work went into the book. also the book its self was stunning the graphics and layout and even paper was just amazing really pretty the kind of book you just dont want to bend the pages of. well thanks for you time sophie. and if you read this while your on tour, enjoy the rest of the shows. im a bit of a big day out first timer so you have years on me but the whole day was so much more relaxed and happy and easy than i expected it was definatly outlived my expertations.
p.s - we love your work! rachel I found your website this morning and I have to congratulate you tremendously. The Big Day Out has been my 1 faithful love that I know!"
Peta…27th January 2006
"Hi Sophie – your first online purchaser here! Just wanted to let you know that I received your book last night and it honestly brought a tear to my eye it’s that damn good and more to the point, necessary! There was such a void as I have a few photos of my 10yrs at BDO but not enough to show the essence of the festival. Funny story – last night my boyfriend had to physically take the book out of my hands so we could go and have a Valentines Day dinner... I was thinking about ordering in at that stage so I could continue reading each word written on each page, including the news articles. I want to wish you the best of luck for this as it is just GOLD! To me it’s worth so much more than the price I paid for it.   Cheers Shanna (BDO – 10 yrs and counting)   Ps. Thanks for the autograph – it’s a collector’s item!"  
Shanna Ritchie – 15th feb 2006
"Hi sophie, How you going? Just filling you in on my details so I can get your fab book. My name is Tina Smigielski, …..It was really good  to chat with you about the book, and meet the person that I know has been hiding in the shadows of the walls of music…or tents…. for all this time. I have many big day outs under my belt now, and to see it all in retrospect under one cover is wicked. totally brings back the memories. I can imagine how fun it was to put it all together and I am so looking forward to sitting down and checking it out….when the live music isn’t calling me…..   Thanks again, Keep snappin. I look foward to more. --can come back to every year no matter where I am in Aus. Tina x "
Tina Smigielski
"Hey Soph, Great to see you at the Sydney BDO.  Just wanted to say that your book's truly awesome!! Congratulations, hope you sell truckloads. :)"  
xxxx Susan Robertson

"Hey Soph, just wanted to say it was great to see you the other day, and the book looks FANTASTIC!!! I think you did a really nice job, and so chock full of info & visuality for anyone who is interested in the BDO and music in OZ . well done. You will definitely be my first choice in publishing when I get around to doing my book. All the best and keep in touch"
Mike Mike O'Meally - photographer from Isubscribe website

"Hi there, I love the idea of your book, its about time something like it was created!!!

"An excellent collection of photos, thoughts and memories of the BDO. Sophie's manages to capture moments in a way that you can still feel the fun, dirt and sweat that goes with it, so much so that you are transported back and all you can do is smile and enjoy over again. A big, chunky book that is fitting for the subject - imagine what was left out! You will never see a better collection from any festival, anywhere. Own it and cherish it."
Shana Davis 2006