self publishing
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March 2005 after Jeremy and I decided we wanted to self publish a book on my photographs of the
Big Day Out was shook hands and said we were in no matter what happened, no matter how hard
it got, how challenging.. we were going to see it out to the end.

'there are many ways to skin a cat' was our mantra from
John Blondin who mentored us in publishing.

to raise funds we came up with an offer called 'Friends of the Book' it was an offer we sent out to all friends and colleges who might be interested in pre purchasing the book. The outcome of this was that we were able to put down the $10,000 for the printing of the book.
in the studio
the media kit
Jeremy Gordon - the producer
Sending the printer the first round of 'stuff'
December 2005 timeline
the most sleep we got all year
Jeremy and Louise Markey the books technical support
Arriving at Samwha Printing, South Korea December 2005
choosing the finish for the pages
in the guts of Samwha doing a press check
finished pages 265 sheets
having a snooze we printed around the clock - so jeremy and slept at the printer's - they woke us every 2 hours to do a press check, that's how long it too to print a section
one of the plates that the pages we printed from
the page of that plate
the cover gets the ok
back in Australia - the start of publicity for Peace Love and Brown Rice channel V at the studio
self publishing meant driving books around...
invite to the launch
my Mum!! packaging up books for the post
at the BDO we had a exhibition set and sold books this is Sydney, 2006
Ken West the Sydney promoter of the BDO launchs 'Peace Love and Brown Rice' at Deus Exmachina in Sydney, we also had a launch at the Esplande Hotel in Melbourne
Me and Jezza at the launch
Some of the works from the book at Deus
was fun to see the PL&BR in bookshop windows!
a very memorable occasion, just because I made this book didn't mean I instantly became a public speaker - after this event at the State Library I did a public speaking course! afterwards I said to Jezza and Mum how terrible I felt it had gone and they agreed outright saying they thought they were going to have to come and save me!!...and the audience no doubt
My sister selling books at the Melbourne Launch
with Zan Roe on triple J after radio interview Run with the Hunted Feb 2006
talk I gave to Friends of the Book
Raymond with Weku who appears on the front cover of the slipcase and in the endpapers playing at the Friend of the Book thank you 'do'
that's me saying thanks to friends and family
Special Limited Edition copies for these folk!
'2nd bite of the cherry' as we had missed Christmas sales 2005 we decided at the advice of the distributor to get the book up the front of bookshops again to add a slipcase and another chapter the 2006 Edition - the start nutting out the design
not so cold this time press checking in South Korea
the front cover of Peace Love and Brown Rice 2006 Edition
back in Australia the slipcases arrived so now the task was to slip 6,000 books into their cases!! simple task it took us 10 days 15hours a day. We soon realised we needed many hands and in came the voluneeters!! Through lots of great people came along and helped out.
Mum has been one of my most supportive volunters..she did ask me to never self publish again though...
Nige and the slipcases or rather the slipcases and Nigel
Tundae from TV on the Radio
people seemed to like the book
the publicity coverage was good - this is the cover of the Entertainment Guide in the Age newspaper, Melbourne
Who Weekely did a 6 page spread
The daily Telegraph picked it up for the 2nd Edition - check out more clippings on the publicity page
Feb 2007 under listings for Readings Events in Melbourne is a talk I gave with Tim Rogers singing a few songs instore and Rebecca McIntosh interviewing me - see Events for the recording
it has been a fun ride sharing these photos signing books and meeting people - I've heard so many great stories
giving a presentaion at McCann Erikson Advertising agency in Sydney
At the Mart Gallery Exhibition 2009